Monday, May 7, 2012

Up-cycled Crystal Chandelier
 I went shopping for a beautiful light, but the one I wanted was 600$, so I decided I could make one!
This one is made of:
Old copper from a telephone line found in the little woods behind our house, coat hangers, necklaces, crystal wine glasses, salt shaker, earrings, mosaic glass, beads from Israel, ribbons, Christmas tree ornaments, and an old ladies scarf. All recycled stuff, and I love adding to it when I find more goodies!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Table

When I grow up- I will be a guest,
fun shoes and a hat- creatively dressed.
I won’t wear an apron- or non skid black shoes,
but will pick a silk dress- in my favorite blues.

Won’t carry four dinners- up over my head,
feel that everyday ache- when I hit the bed.
I’ll walk in and say-”Yes a table for four,
right there by the window, not near the front door.”

“May I have a lemon for my water please?
And an appie of rosemary crackers with cheese?”
“Oh yes take my plate- and refill my glass”
Here she comes now with my lemon sea bass!
I must pop out - of this lofty day dream,
go get the mail- and let off some steam.
….What’s this? Invitation? And who is BigTable?
Are they selling insurance- or a get rich quick fable?

They want me to come-as an honored guest?
I don’t have to serve- It’s my turn to rest!
The top chefs of Spokane- cook a six course delight,
All for restaurant employees- it’s our turn tonight.

The servers, the cooks, the bussers, dishwashers,
Are being served by the lawyers and ushers!
They serve us tonight with joy in their heart,
connecting the dots- and this just the start.

For after we’ve eaten- and sipped on fine wine,
they ask if we have any friends we could find,
who need love and compassion- a bit of Gods grace,
or someone who needs-just a smiling face.

Thought of Johnny from Africa- with a wife and six kids,
learns English in school- with half closed eyelids.
Does dishes from three- to quarter to one,
sings praise songs to God- Oh this is the one!

This is the person-Big Table could bless,
They need pans and a pot- and a little pink dress,
They need bikes and a couch- and to know of Gods care
I told of the need- BigTable was there

We arrived with a truck- full to overflowing,
to say the least- all ten faces were glowing.
...Just one example of how BigTable works.
the joy in the giving- just one of the perks.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Metal Grates

When you walk in a big city,
what is it that you fear?
Is it the dreaded hoodlums?
I’ll confess my fear right here.
As I walk, through our own streets
I spot a metal grate,
I sidestep quite un-gracefully,
don’t want to tempt my fate.
Not the roundish ones that guard
the roots of sidewalk trees.
If you fell in one of these
you’d stop right at your knees.
The ones I fear are treacherous
guarding the big black deep.
We walk above, oblivious to,
the secrets that they keep.
Especially the one that fronts
Brews Brothers coffee shop.
It is so bent and twisted up
my heart jumps and I stop.
I have to go around this one,
I’m chicken it is true
But someday, unexpectedly,
Some lady will fall through.
Her heart will leap, and with a gasp
computer bag go flying,
torn fingernails grasp for the grate
there’s really no use trying.
And with a thud she finds herself
in a dark and goopy place,
with twisted knee and broken heel,
something smudged across her face.
She’ll try to sit, with aching knee
and torn up business pants.
But what is that, that awkward smell...
I can not take that chance.
So there you have it, I confess,
my fear is on the table.
I’ll keep side skirting the grates
as much as I am able.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Art Journal

I had such a great time making this art journal/ sketchbook out of leftover paper, and bits of stuff! Sewed the signatures, laced them together with string, cut the edges so it would somewhat resemble a book, and covered it with some great old fabric! Oh ya, ready for some serious creativity.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time Suckers

Time Suckers

So what-my friend is sucking your day?
Taking from you the way you should play,
stealing away what your life wants to say?

Time suckers.. time suckers

The clicker in hand, flipping around
twenty-four channels just to hear sound.
There’s nothing worthwhile tonight to be found.

Time suckers.. time suckers

Or is it my friend that sucking facebook?
I’ll be just a minute, must take a quick look
that turns into an hour, my precious timesucking crook.

Time suckers.. time suckers

Is your day sucked up in bits and in snips?
Stolen eack time the cellphone it blips.
Grab it and soon your fingers they fly
send a new text in the blink of an eye.

Time suckers..  time suckers

I did not mention e-bay or craigslist
or the queen of all suckers they call Pintrest
There’s so many suckers my brain needs a rest!

Time suckers.. time suckers
So what would I do, and who would I tell
the things that I think, the thoughts that I sell?
And how would I know if the world went to hell?
Time suckers.. time suckers

I’d paint, and I’d sew, and I’d get things done.
I might even break out in a run.
But there is one thing I know is true,
I’d surely have more time to play with you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

This is my latest painting in oils. I discovered the palate knife, and had a blast using it. Is the sun too sunny? I am thinking of calling it Repicheeps journey.